porto antico

Porto Antico, where the sea meets the city

What is so special about Genoa’s Old Port? Let’s find out together, starting with a new feature that will make it even more prominent for a week: Dinner in the Sky.

The Old Port is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Genoa. Here the blue of the sea breaks against the old and new buildings of the city that, in a harmonious play of colors, blend into the entire Ligurian coastline.

Due to its strategic location, the Old Port has always been the center of maritime trade, made so since the time of the Crusades.

The entire Porto Antico area has undergone a renovation at the hands of Renzo Piano, whose architectural works have made this area of Genoa one of the most important tourist destinations.

Dinner in the Sky at the Old Port

Described by Forbes magazine as “the most unusual restaurant in the world,” the Dinner in the Sky format also lands in Genoa and in the beautiful setting of the Old Port will offer us the chance to lunch, dine or sip an aperitif 50 meters above the ground.

From June 24 to June 30, it will be possible to make reservations among five types of events at different time slots: breakfast (10 a.m.); lunch (1 p.m.); aperitif (4 p.m.); apericena (5:30 and 6:45 p.m.); and sunset dinner (8 p.m.).

With Dinner in the Sky, the stars will be the stars of Ligurian catering. Don’t miss the aperitif and ‘tristate’ dinner scheduled for Tuesday, June 25. Absolute stars will be Ivano Ricchebono of The Cook Restaurant, Samuele Di Murro chef of San Giorgio Restaurant and Marco Visciola of Il Marin Restaurant.

Three great interpreters of local cuisine who will give diners an exclusive menu capable of reinventing Ligurian culinary traditions in an innovative and modern way.

Instead, breakfast offerings will be curated by chef Francesco Crocco of Poldo Bakery.

Aquarium of Genoa

TheGenoa Aquarium is definitely is one of the most popular destinations, for young and old, in the city.

Opened in 1992, it currently has about 70 tanks, inside which the natural habitat for more than 400 species of marine fish has been reconstructed: here you will find sharks and dolphins, cetaceans, jellyfish and penguins.

Aquarius is also a concrete support for nature. Thanks to man’s help, Room 14 is home to many common seals from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, rescued from abandonment by their mother.

A beautiful gesture that, no doubt, helps to safeguard our planet.

The Biosphere

Another wonderful work by Renzo Piano.

With its glass and a spherical steel structure, the Biosphere captures the attention of those who set foot in the Old Port for the first time.

The space inside is small, it is true, but in this glass ball you will see parrots, fish, tortoises and insects that, accompanied by a tropical microclimate, are in the company of coffee plants and banana trees.

The Prince’s Palace

Erected during the first half of the Renaissance, the Prince’s Palace is a museum housing valuable frescoes, furnishings and tapestries.

It was Admiral Andrea Doria who wanted its construction, although it was finished about a century later by heir and admiral Giovanni Andrea Doria.

To this day it represents the only palace in the republican city, and marks the transition of Genoese architecture from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Outside the villa you can stroll through its beautiful gardens: you’re sure to notice the splendid Neptune Fountain, commissioned by Giovanni Andrea Doria in honor of his great-uncle Andrea Doria.

“This is that Doria which makes pirates, safe your sea on all sides,” wrote Ludovico Ariosto in Orlando Furioso.

Become a pirate on the Neptune Galleon

Not an ancient galleon, but a real movie set that will keep the little ones happy.

The Neptune Galleon, known as the “pirate ship,” is actually a vessel, a faithful reproduction of a seventeenth-century galleon, built in 1986 by a Tunisian shipyard for Roman Polanski’s film “Pirates.”

He later also saw an appearance in the TV miniseries “The True Story of Peter Pan” in 2011.

A relaxing walk on Barge Island

Barge Island is not really an island but a floating structure, complete with benches and lighting, built from old barges that used to be used in the harbor.

Here, too, is the mind of Renzo Piano who, thanks to the construction of this structure, it is possible to admire the Old Port, in which you can experience a moment of relaxation.

Admiring Genoa from above: the Bigo

It is at the hands of Renzo Piano that, once again, the Bigo comes to life.

This structure, built in 1992 during the redevelopment of the Old Port, is an elevator that reaches up to 40 meters in height, allowing passengers to have a 360-degree view of Genoa from above.

The ride up the Bigo takes 15 minutes: at the top you will not only have a beautiful view of the city, but you will also be able to admire the Forts of Genoa that, on the high hills, surround and protect it.

Where to stay

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spostarsi a genova

How to get around Genoa by not using a car

Our advice for getting around Genoa, and fully visiting its wonderful sights with the extensive historic center is certainly to do so on foot. Alternatively, the city is served by all kinds of public transportation.

amaro camatti

Amaro Camatti, the world’s best Genoese liqueur

Best herbal liqueur in Italy, number one among Italian bitters and worldwide. It has won numerous awards for Amaro Camatti, a Ligurian specialty named the world’s best amaro by the World Liqueur Awards, among the most important competitions in the spirits industry worldwide.

caterina campodonico

Caterina Campodonico, the peanut lady

With a stern, authoritative face, the story of the statue of Caterina Campodonico, known to most as the “peanut seller,” is among the most moving and tender in Genoa.


Rolli Days 2024: “Genoa Garden of Europe”

After the fall edition, the Rolli Days, days in which it will be possible to admire, free of charge, in all their splendor, the sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque-style palaces that became UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2006, return to Genoa, May 17-19.