spostarsi a genova

How to get around Genoa by not using a car

Because of the conformation of the city, which was created in ancient times to be able to defend itself from enemy attacks and therefore has narrow and inaccessible streets (the “caruggi”), getting around Genoa by car may not be very easy.

Therefore, our advice for getting around the city, and fully visiting its wonderful sights with the extensive historic center is certainly to do so on foot.

Alternatively, the city is served by all kinds of public transportation.

Getting around Genoa by Subway

There is a subway line, inaugurated in 1990, that connects the Rivarolo area in the Polcevera Valley to the city center, with eight stations that overlook Genoa’s most picturesque and tourist spots. The stations are that of Brin, Dinegro (located in the vicinity of the Ferry Terminal), Principe (in connection with the train station of the same name), and Darsena (located in the western part of the historical center, near the Galata Sea Museum).

We continue with San Giorgio (serves the Aquarium, the renovated Old Port area and the Magazzino del Cotone convention center), Sarzano/Sant’Agostino (we are in the historic center), De Ferrari (this is the modern center of the city with the shopping streets, the Ducal Palace and the Carlo Felice Theater), Brignole (in terms of importance, Genoa’s second largest train station).

Getting around Genoa by Bus and Tram

There is a dense and extensive bus network connecting the entire city operated by the Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti (Amt). Over 140 bus routes connecting the Ponente with the Levante of Genoa. The cost of the most frequently used ticket is 1.50 euros and allows 100-minute use on Bus and Metro.

Getting Around Genoa with Elevators

There are 10 elevators operating in the city that allow people to move around Genoa to hilly areas and scenic spots. Among these we would like to mention the Castelletto elevator (the oldest one built in Genoa), which can be taken from Piazza Portello and leads to the Belvedere Montaldo, one of the most striking places in the city. In this ‘area you can admire the beauty of the old town, rooftops, church steeples.

Moving to Genoa by Funicular

Because of the lay of the land, the Genoese have always faced the problem of bringing numerous people to the hills surrounding the city.

Two of the most fascinating lifts to obviate this problem are the Zecca – Righi Funicular and the Granarolo Rack. Thanks to the former, one can reach Righi Hill, with the possibility, in a few minutes, to leave the city and move to the parks in the hill.

Moving to Genoa by Navebus

Navebus is the sea service that connects Pegli, in the western part of Genoa, with the Old Port in about 30 minutes, thanks to the joint efforts of Amt, Cooperativa Liguria via Mare, the Liguria Region and the City of Genoa. Thus, it is possible to discover the city of Genoa from a unique vantage point, the sea; but also a solution to avoid traffic and get around Genoa conveniently.

Getting around Genoa with eco sustainable rental

Elettra is the new and green (the fleet consists of electric vehicles) car sharing service in the city of Genoa. The cars can be easily rented via app and can be found in all areas of the city.

They have a fast lane compared to city traffic because these cars can use those of buses and enter ZTL zones freely.

They can also park for free in Blue Areas and Blue Islands.

Also under the banner of sustainable mobility, the ZENAbyBIKE bike sharing service, operated by Genova Parcheggi, is active in the city, using the approximately 50 kilometers of bike lanes. One can register for the service on the web at the Bici in città website , by downloading the BicinCittà app to one’s smartphone, or by picking up the relevant electronic card at the multi-purpose counters of Genova Parcheggi.

As in other Italian cities (Milan, Florence, Turin, to name the most important ones) there is also in Genoa the MiMoto electric motorcycle rental service managed through the Helbiz app.

Where to stay

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spostarsi a genova

How to get around Genoa by not using a car

Our advice for getting around Genoa, and fully visiting its wonderful sights with the extensive historic center is certainly to do so on foot. Alternatively, the city is served by all kinds of public transportation.

amaro camatti

Amaro Camatti, the world’s best Genoese liqueur

Best herbal liqueur in Italy, number one among Italian bitters and worldwide. It has won numerous awards for Amaro Camatti, a Ligurian specialty named the world’s best amaro by the World Liqueur Awards, among the most important competitions in the spirits industry worldwide.

caterina campodonico

Caterina Campodonico, the peanut lady

With a stern, authoritative face, the story of the statue of Caterina Campodonico, known to most as the “peanut seller,” is among the most moving and tender in Genoa.


Rolli Days 2024: “Genoa Garden of Europe”

After the fall edition, the Rolli Days, days in which it will be possible to admire, free of charge, in all their splendor, the sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque-style palaces that became UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2006, return to Genoa, May 17-19.