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amaro camatti

Amaro Camatti, the world’s best Genoese liqueur

Best herbal liqueur in Italy, number one among Italian bitters and worldwide. It has won numerous awards for Amaro Camatti, a Ligurian specialty named the world’s best amaro by the World Liqueur Awards, among the most important competitions in the spirits industry worldwide.

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Rolli Days 2024: “Genoa Garden of Europe”

After the fall edition, the Rolli Days, days in which it will be possible to admire, free of charge, in all their splendor, the sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque-style palaces that became UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2006, return to Genoa, May 17-19.

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michele novaro

The mystery Michele Novaro

“Creator of mighty harmonies”: one can read this definition on the grave of Michele Novaro, the author of one of the music most familiar to Italians, our National Anthem.
His name, however, was forever obscured and almost forgotten unlike that of Goffredo Mameli, who, on the other hand, is punctually remembered when it comes to the “Canto degli Italiani” whose words he composed.

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nicolo paganini

Nicolo Paganini, the devil’s violinist

Nicolò Paganini is universally recognized as one of the greatest violinists of all time and a key figure in the history of music.
His life and music are shrouded in an aura of mystery and fascination, with tales that mix musical genius and legends.

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forti di genova

Genoa, city of walls and forts

Rich in caruggi and historic palaces, Genoa is a city that in its hills is surrounded by the Parco delle Mura, a protected natural area that is home to several rare species of animals, and a large number of forts erected around the seventeenth century to protect the city.
In this article we find out what the forts of Genoa are and their history.

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